Dip Alternative – Fake Tobacco Review – Nicotine Free Chew Solutions

Best Tasting and Most Effective Tobacco Free Chew

Quitting tobacco can be hectic. But, you can utilize fake chew for you to stop the habit. There are several fake chews available. They have different flavors hence it is upon you to pick the best. Before you buy any fake dip, it is necessary for you to check out ingredients used to make it. There are others which are made out of healthy products which will promote good health. We have compared nicotine free chewing brands for you to easily locate the best product to aid in quitting and becoming tobacco free.

Name Brand Price coupons/promos
Jakes Mint 65 Jockey
Teaza Energy 89 Trainer
Cowboy Coffee 76 Yard Manager
Holfa Alfalfa 98 Groom


1. Cowboy coffee 

The boost of caffeine creates a good rush to help with the urges throughout the day. A little too sweet for my taste but this product gets a lot of great reviews. The coffee is held together with honey and cream. If you’re looking for a nicotine free chew that is a good tasting quick run I’d go with this but as a Truck Driver out on long runs all day the taste can start to get a little tar as the cream and honey melt away. However, I am a coffee drinker so the overall taste and feel are initially comforting. See Full Review Here.

2. Teaza energy 
Teaza is one of my favorite brands and they consistently ship out new flavors. I use this mostly in indoor environments or when I’m around snobby people. Spitting is unnecessary with this fake chew tobacco alternative. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone looking to stick close to the Grizzly or Copenhagen type feel. Best tasting fake chewing solution without a doubt but for those just beginning their battle, I don’t think tea is what you want to taste in your mouth all day. See a Full Review of Teaza here.

3. Jakes Mint 

Jakes Mint contains cinnamon and mint in different proportions. It is among the best chewing alternatives with no tobacco you can use to quit tobacco nicotine. For those looking for purely organic products, Jakes mint chewing tobacco is a pure natural product.I was a bit hesitant because of the Apple makeup but I have to admit Jakes is always satisfying. It holds up the longest on my drives and has a bit of a burn/kick to it. Authenticity is important and I think the fact that you can get brown spit from it is a huge reason why I have it highly recommended for new nicotine free users. Check out the full review here.

4. Holfa Alfalfa

With holfa alfalfa, there are many benefits you enjoy. The all herbal snuff assures you the health benefits of herbal products. Great features include:

Blend of Alfalfa, peppermint, and honey

No Tobacco

Helps in Freshening your breath

Convenient because you can brew it as tea.

5. Hooch Snuff

(Chattahoochee Herbal Snuff) I’m proud to say that I consistently order Hooch Snuff. I’d recommend this product FIRST to those who just started with fake dip. The taste and feel won’t be as satisfying but it will have you making sure you aren’t cheating on your abstinence!Ha

Full Review
6. Oregon 

The Oregon Mint Snuff is another great alternative you can have for your nicotine or tobacco substitution. When you buy, you enjoy the following benefits:

Blend of Peppermint and Spearmint

If you love peppermint, the flavor makes sit an idea product you can access in the market.

If you are used to chewing tobacco, the substitute can play a great role in stopping the habit.

Freshens your breath naturally

Say goodbye to bad tobacco breath.